• Tree vandalism in Hereford city

    Yes folks, sad to relate, there has been some rampant tree vandalism going down in Hereford city and, even sadder to relate, the people responsible for it are an organisation called Hereford BID (that's Business Improvement District), who are supposedly there to improve all aspects of the city centre.

    A dozen ginkgoes planted in Eign Gate about 12-15 years back were, at the time, a refreshing embellishment to an otherwise dour shopping street lacking any other traces of greenery. Sadly, as young trees, some were vandalised by idiots and to try and reduce the likelihood of this happening again the Council encased the trees in metal guards. Not the most attractive addition, but if they gave the trees a chance to really get going then so be it. In recent times the trees had all been putting on good growth and made the street an altogether more pleasant environment.

    Then, recently, without so much as a by-your-leave to the Council, the Hereford Bid decided to hack them all back to six feet high - making them ginkgo 'bushes' trapped in cages. The reason, I discovered last week, was because they were obscuring the sweep of the CCTV cameras. So the big brother paranoia of antisocial behaviour overrides the need for greening our city. Could the cameras not be moved? Were absolutely all the trees in the way? Even the tree people at the Council were furious, but the deed is done now. Shame on Hereford BID.

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    • 1. Oct 16 2016 8:20AM by Jerry Ross

      These trees are (were) in a Conservation Area. The perpetrator (who's identity is well known - after all, his deeds were filmed by CCTV cameras...) has not been prosecuted, despite the fact that he has quite deliberately destroyed public property which probably cost the taxpayers of Hereford something approaching £10,000. (It's not cheap to plant a tree in a paved area.)

      What other act of deliberate destruction of public property to this value would be passed over in such a cavalier fashion? Anyone who dared to fell one of their own trees, let alone six, would be prosecuted quick as a flash under the Town & Country Planning Act. It seems to me that the premediatated destruction of public property should be treated with greater severity. And yet it's been blandly accepted as 'a lesson learned'. The lesson would seem to be that if you have the ear of the planning department you can break the law with impunity.

      Meanwhile Eign Gate has the appearance of (indeed IS) a place where gross vandalism occurs as a matter of course. Is that really the impression shopkeepers wish to promote??

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